Reflection Topic 4

I thoroughly enjoyed having a licence to explore an ethical issue on social media regarding its business use. I investigated cookies and how airlines supposedly use them to increase prices of flights when an individual shows repeated interest in them, as well as explaining the beneficial uses that cookies have for a customer. The two other blogs I read interestingly brought up debates about how freedom of speech is conveyed on the internet, and if it is appropriate for police to monitor our online content.

From the comments of other bloggers I was given a further insight into how businesses outside of the airline industry were using cookies, with Harry mentioning he had heard of car insurance companies practising similar techniques. Having done my own research I found similar results to my investigation into airlines using it, with car insurance company elephant stating they use cookies in order to increase efficiency, just as the two flight comparison companies stated.

Many comments on mine asked for my overall opinion on cookies, for which I have no simple answer. I understand that they can be seen as an invasion of privacy, from airlines increasing prices to adverts appearing on different social media sites between different devices. I believe this is part of a wider issue with how are information is used online, as the topic appears in splainingblog‘s post about behavioural  targeting.  Rhiannon Williams points out how much information Google store about us (Too much I believe) however there are methods to deal with this, such as using ad blockers, incognito mode or consistently deleting history and cookies. Cookies therefore are not the problem, they are undeniably useful in increasing the ease of our online experience and saving time, it is the manner in which some businesses use them which is the cause for concern.

Word Count: 304

My comments on other blogs



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