Topic One – Reflections

With topic one now complete I can safely say I’ve been exposed to some interesting theories and a refreshing style of learning. The theory of the “Resident” and “Visitor” continuum is conclusively more relevant than the “Native” and “Immigrant” classes proposed by Prensky, with most people placing themselves somewhere on the spectrum rather than simply as one polarised extreme.

One would think that the elder users of the internet would be the first to agree with  White and Le Cornu’s continuum theory, however since the posting of my article a conversation with my Auntie led her to describe herself as a digital “Native” (having heard of the phrase without me mentioning it) and tended to agree with the classification, by classing herself as a native due to not being brought up in a world immersed in digital interaction and subsequently indicating that this was a hindrance.

The comments on my debut blog were generally positive, particularly referencing two of the parts I found most interesting about natives having “accents” and the use of the “continuum” to define oneself.

From reading others blogs I found many regurgitated the same definitions, which is to be expected in a relatively narrow topic, and I hope that more individual research and opinion will appear in future topics. In the posts I commented on I found particularly interesting the mention of the second dimension to the “Visitor/Resident” continuum by adding the axis of personal vs institutional, perhaps providing further evidence that ones place on the spectrum is a personal choice. I also enjoyed the contextual mention of an Instagram user making using of their position as a resident for business purposes, which really gave a practical use of digital residency, as well as giving a good reason for constantly being available online.

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